Welcome to True World Of Darkness.

This is the webpage dedicated to the World Of Darkness role-playing game. On this website you will find all of the necessary rules to play the games on our servers, create characters, and learn all of the backstory.

The True World of darkness is set in the year 2050, and takes place mainly in the united States of America’s capital city; Washington, D.C. A lot has changed in this great land since the year 2016. In fact, there is a minority of government officials who have come to learn of the truth that supernatural creatures exist and walk among the world of men.

We are currently accepting, Changelings, Demons, Geists, Hunters, Immortals, Mages, Mortals, and a rare Mummy or two, Vampires and Werebeasts.

In order to create a character to play in the True World of Darkness, one must build their character according to specific rules. But those supernatural entities that were once normal, mortal human beings, you must make the character how they existed as a mortal, and then once the mortal ST has looked it over and found no errors, then you can add on the supernatural elements to your character. Once that is done, the ST appropriate to your character’s supernatural type will look it over for approval.

True World Of Darkness