Conditions represent how life has effected a person, and their internal response to it. People don’t buy conditions, life experiences apply them, and they remain until they are resolved/cured.

Whenever you have a condition you may apply to to any exceptional roll made. Breaking Points can cause a person to incur a penalty. supernatural powers such as Spirit Numina, vampiric Disciplines, ect, can inflict Conditions on others. Storytellers can also impose conditions whenever they feel it is best suited during play.

Lingering Conditions

Conditions are designed as reminders that events that happened earlier in the story have repercussions later. Usually, Chekhov’s gun applies — if you put the Condition on stage, it should cause some drama by the end. However, Storytelling games are slippery things, and sometimes it’s better to drop a story thread represented by a Condition for the sake of the ongoing narrative.

For example, an emotional state like Swooning might no longer be relevant to events in the game because a long time has passed, or it might have been the result of a conflict with a character the players don’t care about anymore. In those cases, it’s perfectly fine to just cross off the Condition. The Storyteller may choose to award a beat as if the character resolved it.

Improvised Conditions

A Storyteller may create new condition as they see fit. Conditions may have mechanical or purely narrative effect. If mechanical effects, it should be between +02 and -02 in rating.


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