It is the undeniable, dreadful truth of the Kindred condition: Vampires must hunt, and vampires must feed.

When a vampire takes blood from a vessel, he may take one Vitae per turn. A vampire need only lick the wound when he’s done to hide the marks left by feeding. (This effect applies to only bite marks made for the purposes of feeding from prey, not to aggressive bites intended to cause damage. Further only the vampire’s own bite marks are affected thus — a Kindred may not lick a wound left by another vampire and heal it.)

A vessel has a number of Vitae equal to its Health dots. In game terms, an average adult human contains seven points worth of Vitae. When a vampire feeds from a vessel, each Vitae taken inflicts one point of lethal damage on that vessel. (Special effects that augment a character’s Stamina or add temporary Health dots do not add to the quantity of Vitae in a character’s body. A character always has a number or Vitae equal to her unmodified Health dots.)

In most cases the vessel doesn’t resist, as the ecstasy of the Kiss overwhelms the shock the Kindred places on the mortal’s system. Players of mortals and other living victims who wish to resist the Kiss must gain three or more successes on a Resolve + Composure roll. Note that vampires are immune to the Kiss of other Kindred, know exactly what’s going on and can fight back.

Feeding in Combat

According to p. 157 of the World of Darkness Rulebook, a character attempting to bite as a combat action first has to achieve a grapple hold on a target. On the following turn, the attacker can try to inflict damage by biting. If the victim has an action between the attacker’s grab and bite, he can try to break free.

If the vampire wishes to feed from a foe in combat, he goes about the procedure as normal. Instead of biting to inflict damage, however, the vampire may choose to consume Vitae that turn. In this case, the vampire inflicts harm caused by blood loss: one point of lethal damage.

The Dangers of Feeding and Hunger

When even the most humane vampire feeds, his Beast assaults him with the desire to follow the lifeblood down to it’s source and drain the mortal dry.

If the vampire takes more than 3/4 of a human’s existing blood, he must make a Resolve + Composure role to pull away. Failing this roll means that the vampire loses himself in the ecstasy of feeding, and accidentally takes too much blood. The human is not completely exsanguinated nor is he immediately dead—the vampire drains the target until his health bar is full of lethal, at which point the target is dying. However, a health bar must be filled with aggravated damage before a character truly dies. The human is in critical condition, and will die in an hour or so unless he received immediate medical attention.

If a vampire is hungry (defined as having less than four vitae in his system), this check occurs at 1/2 instead of 3/4. A hungry vampire is also more prone to Frenzy.


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